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Die Perle der wei▀russischen Gymnastik Julia Raskina
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Basketball club

Basketball team of young men of 1985 of a birth
The main trainer of a team Alexander Leonidovich Popkov
Director of club Kotsarenko Vladislav Aleksandrovich
Structure of players of a team
Grehov EugenyPoleshchuk DmitryGandlin Valery
Konjushenko IgorShpakovsky VitalyAgevnin Paul
Sanotsky OlegKarpik EugenySkidan Vyacheslav
Mishukov JuryGruzdev OlegEfremov Konstantin

Ending NEYBL of 2002-2003

Here for lads youthful games of northern European league of 2002-2003 also have ended. For the first time lads have received the best award and have come back home with a cup of champions NEYBL.
Unfortunately the detailed information, we cannot give you, even a photo memory has remained on the lighted film. Owners have not prepared statistics, probably the victory over owners of a platform of Basketball school A.Sabonisa (Kaunas) very impudently looked.
But the fact remains the fact, we - HAVE WON!!!
The third period lads left on a platform, losing 10 glasses to lose gathered nobody, but during such moment it is very important to hear words of trust and support.
Director of club of V.A.Kotsarenko has found these words, they sounded approximately so, "giving a ball to the partner, look him in the face that he felt, that in him{it} trust also to him trust".
It was a signal to resolute actions, and already nothing could affect an end result, neither panic actions of judges, nor confused actions of contenders.
Pfiff judges has stopped a meeting when on a board burned figures 87:82 for the benefit of our lads.
The prize of the best attacking tournament was received by Paul Ogevnin.
Prize of the best defender - Dmitry Poleshchuk.
At the end of July lads should pass one more test in the championship of Europe in Slovenia.


20.06.03 The brief information on ending NEYBL is placed
16.06.03 Ending NEYBL, team RUOR-RTI of 1985 of a birth has won!
28.04.03 3-rd stage NEYBL is completed, team RUOR-RTI is in the lead!!!
28.03.03 Materials about basketball modular RUOR Popkove A.L.'s trainer are placed
01.03.03 The resource devoted to youthful team RUOR-RTI of 1985 of a birth started to work


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