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 »»» U-21 European Qualification Tournament
End of July 2003. The team, two coaches, head of the delegation and the referee arrived in Slovenia.
Game 1 - defeat to Greece. The game flew by like a fast forward video replay - the team could hardly get their head round it. The fine-tuned World bronze medal winners' roster dominated throughout to finish with a 40-point advantage.
Game 2 - another defeat. The well-balanced Slovenian side neutralised the team.
Game 3 - win over Switzerland.
Game 4 - defeat. The only thing on everyone's mind before the game was to try and beat Hungary, but what happened was what wasn't meant to be - the team lost.
Game 5 - Belarus were playing Turkey, another World Cup participant. The team had to win by more than 7 points to make it to the final round. We were 5-6 points down after the third quarter, but the Turkish side, exhausted after the clash with Slovenia the day before, let the game slip away. Belarus won by 11 points as a result.
It's a famous win for everyone:
the fans, the coaches and the team itself.

The joy was endless.
The word Belarus kept on echoing around the court.
The finals are ahead - we have made ourselves well known now. The team has enough character and desire to succeed in the Chech Republic. Now it's up for us to support them.
»»» The news
20.12.03 Three teams have finished participation in Belarus basketball championship for men
20.12.03 RUOR have lost to the leader "Grodno-93" in Round 11 of the Belarus basketball championship for men
13.12.03 RUOR have qualified for the final stage of the Belarus basketball championship for men
»»» Your opinion?
What was the main obstacle to the team's better performance in Slovenia?
Quality in the roster
National Federation
Lack of money
Lack of motivation
None of the above

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22.12.03 RUOR statistics in Round 11 of the Belarus basketball championship has been published
18.12.03 RUOR statistics in Round 9 and 10 of the Belarus basketball championship has been published
16.12.03 Teams in the game schedule of the second stage of the Championship have been determined
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