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Uninitiated it is not clear, what hard labour pays this graceful fluttering a moth on a carpet. In addition in art gymnastics "density" of high quality sportsmen so it is great what to make the way incredibly difficultly.
- The nature has given me flexibility and a step. Besides I - Aries, lamb rested - shall not leave from a hall while everything, that is planned, I shall not make. Speak, in me there is any spark. I like "to light" spectators. I like, when it is a lot of them. I simply like to act
»»» Yulia Raskinoj's star show "The gold parallel"
Falling and rising, you grow
Kees Ferkerk (the Dutch skater)
New projects from Yulia Raskinoj not a case, young full of forces and energy the star of a world scale cannot leave from sports arena, not having given spectators the heart, flaring passion of love to a life, people, gymnastics.
Creative and the life will be reflected in its star show.
"The gold parallel", is a parallel to silver avenue of a sports way of Yulia where she can show all world gold light of talent.
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22.06.03 Yulia's letter to visitors of club "Revelation" is published
15.06.03 Photos from Yulia Raskinoj's personal album are added
14.06.03 The forum of club Raskinoj " Revelation " invites to discussion
04.06.03 Photos from Yulia's personal album are added
01.06.03 The project - star show "The gold parallel" begins
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What has prevented Yulia to win "gold" on Olympiad?
Level of competitors
National federation
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