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Yulia Raskina
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Yulia Raskina
Is not present on light of the person which has made itself. We - creations of thousand others. Everyone who though once has made for us kind business or has even told to us a unique word of encouragement, present at our character and in ideas, as well as in our success.
George Mattju Adams
On April, 9, 1982 in Minsk, in family of young sportsmen the girl was born, parents named it Yulia, not suspecting, that on light the new, bright star of the Belarus sports has appeared.
Mum Raskin (Shevchenko) Natalia Nikolaevna - the master of sports of the international class of the USSR on art gymnastics, double the champion of the USSR 1977 and 1979, the champion of the Games of Peoples of the USSR 1979, the Deserved trainer of Byelorussia on art gymnastics. Daddy Raskin Sergey Vladimirovich - the master of sports, the trainer on track and field athletics.
From Yulia's such sports duet in the inheritance much has got, diligence, character of the fighter, persistence, plastic, feminity and certainly flexibility, quality which was given in gift with the nature. Yulia has taken advantage of this gift.
Already in 7 years Yulia has crossed a threshold of a sports hall, and since then a hall became for it the second house. How many tears, sweat were in a hall, she knows only and mum, the best friend, the assistant and the first instructor.
Small Yulia has gone to school in 1988, and has studied at school 49 till 1998, often travels and competitions did not allow an opportunity on a regular basis to visit school, therefore textbooks always laid near to the sports form.
Since 1999 for 2001 study in Republican School of the Olympic reserve, after the termination which Yulia has received average special formation - the trainer on art gymnastics.
The beginning of star procession.
In 1995 in structure of a national combined team of young sportsmen, young talent becomes the silver prize-winner of the Championship of Europe in Prague
In 1997 already in structure of an adult team, Yulia again becomes the silver prize-winner of the World championship in Berlin.
The silvery windfall began to shower a young beauty.
Who is familiar with art gymnastics knows, what hard labour, what infernal efforts and patience this firm confident procession on star avenue gets.
1998 has presented the girl with "spark" so journalists named Yulia, a gold medal of the champion of Europe in the city of Porto
1999 the World championship, Osaka - silver (team), silver (multiathlon), silver (the ending, a ball), silver (the ending, a tape)
Yulia Raskinoj's sports career in the big sports was bright, stable, unforgettable.
On a scaffold Yulia always left with desire to win, win heart of spectators, she gave all sincere heat and flaring heart
2000 the Championship of Europe in Saragossa - silver (team), silver (multiathlon), gold (the ending, a ball), silver (the ending, a tape)
Olympic Sydney clapped to the Belarus gymnast, sustained hard test. The silver medal (multiathlon) from Olympiad of 2000 was brought by Yulia home.
The deserved master of sports of Byelorussia Yulia Raskina has left the unique, unforgettable star trace in a history of world gymnastics and in hearts of many admirers of its talent.
Yulia Sergeevna Raskina is awarded with an award " the Sign on Honour ".
P.S. The Sports life in gymnastics is not durable and in 21 year, Yulia leaves the big sports, but it to not mean, that she leaves art gymnastics.
Soon we shall see Yulia in the new project where she can realize the dreams.
Yulia does not say goodbye to spectators, she speaks them GOOD-BYE.
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