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Yulia Raskina wants all and at once!
The leader of modular Belarus on art gymnastics after a break caused by traumas, comes back in build. Having learned about it, the correspondent "SB" has decided to visit Yulia Raskin and, as they say, firsthand to learn about the reasons of " unplanned holiday ", today's state of health and plans for the future.
- The first trauma was exclusively "working". All began that to me 5 years ago on training on stop has fallen club. The crack was formed. The x-ray picture of her did not show, and I trained with a trauma, yet have not received two crises with displacement... For a long time it is known: the physical culture, and sports treats - it only will cripple... Already I feel quite well, working above the new program, reconstructed under new rules. Yet all to tell the truth, turns out - a lot of new. And at me still such character - would be desirable all and at once, therefore and I suffer it is a little. Though it is sure, that these difficulties - time.
- What it for "horror story" - "new rules"?
- Unfortunately, contrary to our hopes, rules have not become simpler, and, on the contrary, have added problems acting. Now in every way try to make of gymnastics sports, somehow to give to estimations of judges of more objectivity and came, in my opinion, already too far. Everything, that refers to as big words " new rules ", actually represents only alternation of any elements with throws. It became easier from it to nobody.
- Leaves, from changes there is more than harm, than benefit?
- It seems to me, yes. The gymnastics both was subjective sports, and has remained, and in this respect never will change. Last "innovations" have led only to to that now subjectivity is brought with an estimation for originality. Notwithstanding what novelty is present at programs of performances of many sportsmen, greatest "originality" is appropriated basically having the representative in the International federation of gymnastics.
- And how you concern to the opinions which have appeared recently, what the art gymnastics should be excluded from the program of Olympic games?
- Fairly to tell, I did not think of it but if such decision all the same will be accepted I can sympathize only with girls and was glad to that to me was possible to act in Sydney.
- By the way, concerning Olympiad in one of interview after "those" Games you have told, that to Athenes most likely will not go...
- Then my answer in the big degree was affected with emotions. Now I am going to act on Games - 2004. However it only my own desire once again to visit on Olympiad, to experience this unforgettable atmosphere... Certainly, it does not mean, that I shall not prepare for struggle and to be adjusted on a medal - all of us shall go only behind the supreme results. Already to the world championship we will have very strong team which can on equal struggle with Russians and from Ukraine. But if at me suddenly in Athenes something will fail and to rise on a pedestal it will not be possible - to tragedy and the emotions, similar themes which were after Sydney, will not be.
- And it is spoken by maximalist Raskin?
- After the transferred operations I in general sat at home and cried: " What I unfortunate as itself it is a pity to me ". Even has tried to start to live, as all: went to institute, has handed over on rights... Attempt, however, appeared unsuccessful. I have understood, that I leave on a carpet mainly because it is pleasant to me. Here so simply to take and cease to act for me appeared impossible. Constantly it would be desirable something new, any trips, events... Therefore I eventually also have come to a hall, have tried to train and have understood, that all reserves yet have not exhausted and I can be to a useful team. The gymnastics is my life and if I have now made the decision on leaving{care} from the big sports, I of it never would forgive to myself.
- Whether you supposed an idea, what after traumas, operations and Julja Raskin's subsequent break cannot show such performance what from her wait?
- Ahead two more years, and, it is sure, I will manage to be prepared adequately. Besides, as has shown the recent championship of Europe, public of me has not overlooked. It gives me an additional charge of energy. And still I feel myself as though in a duty to those who in me trusts and waits for my returning.
- And that should happen, that Julja Raskin has told: all - I leave?
- I think, that, most likely, you will hear it after Athenes.
- And how impracticality by an ordinary life?
- And there already, I think, it will be easier. I shall meaningly finish sports career and I shall start to enter into a usual life, to work... But on one place to sit all the same I shall not begin!
- Plans already are?
- Most likely, I shall undertake for trainer's work. I am known enough in gymnastics, besides this business well I know and to learn something else - one year is necessary not. I shall prepare for children. Work " on result " very nervous, heavy, demands full feedback and at the same time is far from being always grateful. I frequently even sympathize our trainers... It turns out, that if there are results - means, good gymnasts if results are not present - the bad trainer.
- Whether the highest attention given to art gymnastics in our country will affect your choice not?
- And who speaks, what I shall stay to work in Belarus? We have not enough the clubs, not many want to be engaged. Abroad all in another way. I already now have many offers. Though I doubt, that I can be late for a long time somewhere...
Dmitry Komashko, SB
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